The Bitcoin Basics Course is designed to give new or novice users the confidence, skills and tools to buy, sell and store Bitcoin and Digital Currency. If you have been considering adding Crypto Currency to your portfolio, or are just curious about how Bitcoin works, the course will take you through everything you need to get started in an immersive single-day class.

Finally, Learn How It All Works

Start by breaking down the basics of Block Chain and Digital Currency in an easy to digest format. We are pros at making it simple.

Buying and Selling Bitcoin With Dollars

Learn the different ways to buy, sell and transact in digital currency. This course will look at various exchanges and off-line options.

Digital Currency Transaction Fees

Review the most popular fee structures and get a base understanding of how fees work and how they effect transactions.

Ethereum, Lite Coin and Alt-Coins

In addition to Bitcoin, we will introduce you to other popular coins and discuss how to buy and sell Alt-Coins using Bitcoin and Dollars

Bitcoin Storage, Handling and Security

Explore safe storage and security practices while handling digital currency. A KeepKey Hardware Wallet is included in the course.

Single-Day Intensive Course

The single-day format will immerse you in the world of digital currency making it simple to diversify your portfolio as soon as you finish.


Bitcoin Academy has partnered with KeepKey to ensure that all students graduate with their own hardware wallet. During the Bitcoin Basics course, students will walk through secure setup and operation of your KeepKey as well as offline storage best practices. KeepKey will be your personal vault as you invest in digital currency.

spreading cdigital currency eduction - Bitcoin Academy Vancouver and KeepKey wallets

Your Instructor

Alex Millar

Alex is an Queen’s Engineering Physics graduate and former high schoool math teacher who is passionate about Digital Currency. Having first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 and having first bought in 2013, Alex has been studying Bitcoin and Digital Currency full time since 2014. Alex shares his thoughts through his YouTube channel and Twitter account daily and is a published writer in the field with articles featured on CoinDesk. Alex has the unique ability to break down this complex subject and help students understand more about how Digital Currency works and could effect their lives.


  • A laptop or tablet is required and is to be supplied by the student for all courses. Wireless internet access is provided on-site.
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the class start time in order check-in and enjoy breakfast. Class will start promptly¬†at the scheduled time.
  • Absolutely no video or audio recording of any kind without written permission from both management and the course instructor
  • Refunds: 30 days or less before the course date: no refund. 31 days or more before the course date: 50%
  • Course registrations are non-transferable
  • Group rates are available for groups of 8 or more